Sunday, October 23, 2011

Google SSL – Organic Keywords and Analytic Data

If you use Google +1, this is where it first sprouted and caught my attention. This is very disturbing to me because like any good optimizer, organic keywords are extremely important at performing proper SEO.

This particular function of not recording the data is the exact same way Google AdWords allows users to display there AdWords results without recording the data. If your not familiar with this, it is a tool inside of Google AdWords to test your results without recording data. I believe one of the reason’s Google is going in this direction is not only for security purposes in the grand scheme of thing’s but to combat issues surrounding the use of software programs running constant analysis.

This software when run is compounding the data and actually producing false results by causing software generated impressions to the search engines instead of it actually producing a real human impression. IE… CAPCHA entries when running these various types of software programs such as Seo Power Suite. Great applications by the way. This makes sense because the keyword tool provided by Google in AdWords is only producing keywords from Pay per Click (PPC) impressions and not organic impressions. This completely relates to what is being said about getting data based on AdWord campaigns.

I am curious to whether or not the data that has been recorded will still be accessible as it has always been up until this point into the future through analytic’s. I was really getting into the new design with Google analytic’s today and still noticed organic keywords showing in the reports. But did notice the “not provided” data as well. I think Google may have other plans and we all will just have to wait to see the final outcome.

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  2. I was really getting into the new design with Search engines analytic’s these days and still observed natural search phrases displaying in the reviews. But did find the “not provided” information as well.
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    1. Yes, the new interface takes some getting used too. But after learning the in's and out's of it all, you can easily get the hang of it. I've created some advanced workings with analytic (GA).