Monday, November 21, 2011

Google Panda Changed Small Business SEO Services

Google Panda Update

SEO is a ongoing task that never stops and requires extensive amounts of man hours which equals time, resources and money as well. I have been measuring a on going project that I have been optimizing and internet marketing for some time now and since the Panda has been incorporated there have been significant differences in overall site traffic and ranking's. Although this company made it through fairly well during the primary changes it still took some loss in certain primary keyword areas, it seemed the larger companies got the better half of those keywords because they have more available funding and resources; unfortunately that is how it is. It did take a few months to gain that higher exposure again with extended hours and constant monitoring of Panda changes.

Consequently, being a one man team has made it more difficult to keep up with Google and the changes being made in so many different areas, but have manged to make it through the Panda Effect fairly well. As this company is a small business and the need to gain customers at faster pace on a more immediate demand for a quicker turn over rate forced a change in strategy. Some of these change's included fresh quality content and a more localized approach to keep the customer's rolling in.

Writing quality, fresh and unique content is a must do part of proper SEO. Article spinning has not been so popular since these changes by Google and the changes have prevented a lot of spammers from spamming. I think this was one of the clear objectives behind the Panda and the engineer who designed it. The death of SEO is not going to happen, at least anytime soon. Search engines rely on tons of factors concerning SEO. The algorithms are based on multiple factors whether on-page or off-page. As a reminder though, the Panda Effect not only effected Google, but it affected the other search engines as well. The process of the Panda Effect works on the notation, if the site your content or link was placed on is penalized then you are penalized as well. This is considered a trickle effect.

As a small business owner and a employee of a small business there is always going to be emphasis placed on local optimization, especially if your services can only be done locally. Just remember that if someone in California per say finds your business, what good does it do if they can not have your company do the services for them because your located at another state. Whether your a small business or large business a continuous online campaign is a must. As a consultant and daily SEO guru I know this to be extremely true, but as with any good SEO guy, keeping up to date on current changes is a must to remain effective.

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  2. Google Panda already been announced which affect a lot to all SEO users. As per the Google panda, Google needs more relevant and effective content from their users. So we should have to focus more on quality rather than quantity.
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  3. Thank you for the compliment. I woke up one morning and decided to combine some of the recent events surrounding the Panda Affect. If you would like to pass it along that would be fine as well. I just felt the effects of the new changes got hit sorta hard today on the SERP's. Will have to continue posting more often and making sure the content is quality. I write all my own content so I know it is original. That way there is no penalty for duplicate content. Getting ready to post the next one. I wrote on Thanksgiving but have not had a chance top post on here yet. Will be tonight or tomorrow. This will be about AdWords.

  4. Yeah, Panda has definitely been a challenge for everyone in the seo industry. Even the best seo company I know has had some of their client's sites take a hit. It will take a little while to adjust, but hopefully we can recover and get our strategies back on track.

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  8. I know has had some of their customer's websites take a hit. It will take a little while to modify, but hopefully we can restore and get our techniques returning to normal.
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  9. Well, it has taken a while to get back to you; but yes you're right - plenty of businesses were penalized drastically by the Panda...