Thursday, November 3, 2011

Web Analytic Keyword Data "Not Provided"

Advanced Segmenting
Okay, I have been following this topic closely and have come to several conclusions. I can understand it if Google only wanted to prevent you from causing a recording of a search if you were logged into the system as a Google user and they were trying to prevent you from recording your own search for your own website, but not for all of them in total. Of course the search is only registered as a visit if you click your own link.

Okay, recording the data from non logged in users still makes sense to me because then Google can measure all impressions from other sources such as software programs running analysis. Remember you do not have to be logged in to use the software to get your data back from the search engines and It would only make sense to me that Google would still be tracking the impressions for their own purposes but not releasing the data to its users. Of course this would be very touchy ground concerning privacy issue's since Google does not own the data, but at the same time may be trying to prevent false impressions from various sources.

So let's say Google is still recording those impressions of logged in Google users, what do you think they can do with that data? It might be a tad presumptive of Google to think all users logged in are using Google's search engine... I do not think Google would be that nieve. I suppose you might say that the percent of "not provided" would directly correlate to the amount of users using Google's search engine while logged In. It was mentioned on another blog I read today that it might be a strategy to boost PPC in efforts to increase revenue. Sorry, but I do not think Google has a revenue problem and their are other reasons behind this new implementation. It actually reminds me of a sandbox security layout or the same as AdWords when using the tool to show your ad but not recording the impression.


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