Wednesday, December 7, 2011

RSS Creation and Syndicating Your Feeds

What is RSS?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is an XML-based file format for sharing and distributing Web content, such as news headlines, blog articles, news-related sites, weblogs and other online publishers. With a RSS reader, you can keep track and maintain your favorite content in one centralized location. The use of aggregator's and readers make is simple to keep track of your the content you subscribe too by means of a desktop or a web interface. Viewing and reading data feeds from various news sources, including headlines, summaries and links to full stories can be overwhelming at times so managing your subscriptions is as simple as a click of a mouse. There is always an option available to subscribe and unsubscribe from RSS Feeds if you wish. There are hundreds of available RSS generators to create a feed from and is relatively easy to do even for a novice web user. As RSS files are essentially XML formatted plain text, the RSS file itself is relatively easily read both by automated processes and by humans alike and most RSS Feeds have styling options by making use of a .xsl style sheet applied. If you are an FeedBurner user you even have the options of monetizing your feeds with Google AdSense ads, which ultimately can generate a source of income with a little effort.

How do I access RSS?

News Aggregators (also called Readers) will download and display RSS feeds for you. A number of free and commercial News Aggregators are available for download. Many aggregator's are separate, “stand-alone” programs; other services will let you add RSS feeds to a Web page. Pretty simple actually. Get all the news you can handle without having to visit the website you get your news from. Just subscribe and wait for it to start flowing in by the masses.
Another way many people use RSS feeds is by incorporating content into weblogs, or “blogs” or to a website. Blogs are usually website comprised of pages comprised frequently updated items, web links and useful content for people to ready and become informed on a topic or story of interest. Other forms of blogging is used for publishing traditional journalism, personal journals, group discussions around a topic, and a combination of anything in-between.

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Learn Valuable Google AdWords and Local SEO Information

Google AdWords Auction

Now this is a fantastic info-graphic. I have been keeping up with the changes going on with Google as much as possible.
 Google is at an incredible pace right now implementing changes to all kinds of products and different area's. This info-graphic graphic really breaks it down to a very understandable and easy to understand format. I found that the portion showing the significance of the quality of the keyword allowed the bidder to pay less for the keyword while ranking higher.

This type of Ad relevancy is used on a daily basis. I was just discussing this ad relevancy with someone the other  night and the individual said that he was inside of his e-mail and reading something about hams or talking to someone about hams and Google instantly picked up the fact that one of the ads to display inside of the e-mail account was about ham's. 

In turn this makes the combination and matching of the message he was reading and the ad being displayed the key point. Google in essence, suggested the ad based on what was being read which gave Google and the company paying for the ad a possible option of producing a click, which of course generates revenue for Google and a possible sale for the company paying for the ad space.

This is not a new concept for anyone running sponsored ad campaigns but directly correlates with what is being said in the info-graphic. I believe all  of this is directly connected with Google's changes being implemented for fresh content and how Google is indexing the most recent news and events, etc… at the most relevant and newest date possible based on the relevancy of the search term. This ad display not only is more cost effective for the  company posting the ad, but provides the most relevant SERP's for the user performing the search. The newest and hottest breaking story is not going to be the newest and the hottest if it takes hours to get seen by user's performing searches.

Another portion that catches my attention is the section that says "you can only  have one entry into any query auction from  your account". From this section Google chooses your keyword it finds the most relevant to the search query no matter how many keywords and ads you entered. Then Google enters your ad into the auction because Google chose which keyword was the most relevant to the search query. So Google determines the match type based on the search query and then determines what is most relevant and then enters it into the auction.

This is no new information for paid search advertising. Setting up an effective AdWords campaign takes plenty of research of keywords and a definite understanding of the competition. There are plenty of tools available to assist any search engine marketer to create an effective campaign. If you think about it your creating ad relevancy the same as Google, just not with a massively sophisticated algorithm. Your determining your keywords and your ads to display to the user when they perform their search. The same principle applies here your effectively trying to target the ad to the user based on the search they use.
When the results are posted the user is shown the most relevant ad based on what they are searching for which is determined by the keywords being used, whether long tail or a generic search term. Not only does Google do this ad relevancy but Face bookBing and Yahoo! as well. This kind of ad function is designed to be a more human approach instead.

Another great example is the instant search being used by search engines. This instant search makes the suggestions based on your search entry. Of course the suggestions are not always correct, but are fairly convenient for most individuals. The instant search is an option and can be turned off through your browser settings along with local browser and search tracking. Just remember that if you ever want to determine your placement in the SERP's by a search, first clear your browser history and make sure your logged out of your account associated with the current search engine. Your results are going to be different than if you search while logged  in.

Finally, if you noticed as well that this same principle applies  to local search results. This relevancy is determined by Geo-Targeting. This is nothing new as well but if your not aware of how this works - your browser is well aware of where you are located because of browser sniffers and settings inside of your web browser. You can shut off some of these functions as well, but I would not worry about it to much. Well, with that being said, local placement pretty much works in the same manner, when you perform your search the search engine display's the search based on your search term of choice and then display's local placement appropriately. You will notice you do not get a local placement listing for areas outside of your area. This is because of relevancy and location to your search term again. Of course if you enter a Geo-Targeted location other than your location in your search term you will get a different set of results based on the location entered.

These results are not going to display local listings because your search term is Geo-Targeted. Actually at times if your searching with a term that uses a location specific keyword you still may not get a set of local listings displayed in the SERP's. Ah, you may ask why? This is because the level of a search engine optimization campaign may not be a localized specific campaign. It may actually be a more national or world wide campaign vs. a Geo-Targeted campaign. Plus, if Google determines a organic listing's are more dominant than  local listing's it is going to display it that way in the results.
Hopefully, this provides some in insightful information and how the search engines determine the results. It is a complex system and by no means is always perfect. The algorithms change frequently and the necessity for search engine optimization remains a constant. You should continue your search engine optimization campaign and all other marketing venues. Please feel free to share this with whomever you like or in need of in need of (PPC) marketing services.

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Google Panda Changed Small Business SEO Services

Google Panda Update

SEO is a ongoing task that never stops and requires extensive amounts of man hours which equals time, resources and money as well. I have been measuring a on going project that I have been optimizing and internet marketing for some time now and since the Panda has been incorporated there have been significant differences in overall site traffic and ranking's. Although this company made it through fairly well during the primary changes it still took some loss in certain primary keyword areas, it seemed the larger companies got the better half of those keywords because they have more available funding and resources; unfortunately that is how it is. It did take a few months to gain that higher exposure again with extended hours and constant monitoring of Panda changes.

Consequently, being a one man team has made it more difficult to keep up with Google and the changes being made in so many different areas, but have manged to make it through the Panda Effect fairly well. As this company is a small business and the need to gain customers at faster pace on a more immediate demand for a quicker turn over rate forced a change in strategy. Some of these change's included fresh quality content and a more localized approach to keep the customer's rolling in.

Writing quality, fresh and unique content is a must do part of proper SEO. Article spinning has not been so popular since these changes by Google and the changes have prevented a lot of spammers from spamming. I think this was one of the clear objectives behind the Panda and the engineer who designed it. The death of SEO is not going to happen, at least anytime soon. Search engines rely on tons of factors concerning SEO. The algorithms are based on multiple factors whether on-page or off-page. As a reminder though, the Panda Effect not only effected Google, but it affected the other search engines as well. The process of the Panda Effect works on the notation, if the site your content or link was placed on is penalized then you are penalized as well. This is considered a trickle effect.

As a small business owner and a employee of a small business there is always going to be emphasis placed on local optimization, especially if your services can only be done locally. Just remember that if someone in California per say finds your business, what good does it do if they can not have your company do the services for them because your located at another state. Whether your a small business or large business a continuous online campaign is a must. As a consultant and daily SEO guru I know this to be extremely true, but as with any good SEO guy, keeping up to date on current changes is a must to remain effective.

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sharing with Google Plus

Google+ Badges
Way nice, people have been wondering how long it was going to take Google or another company to program a type of sharing button to share from a website. It actually surprises me that ShareAholicShareThis or AddThis has not done this yet, if they have no one has seen it thus far. I thought of this when the first Google +1 button was first released by Google. It seemed that the best usage of the +1 would be mostly for favorite website bookmarking instead of a separate button for sharing. Not sure why Google did not implement this in this way to begin with when creating G+.

I have been going through the motions of what Google +1 is capable of doing and have decided that it would seem feasible as well to add a share option on the +1 page of your profile to easily share your +1'd pages with any location or Google circle. Now the next thing to tackle is if your wanting to share a link to another social site or even e-mail it to someone else you are forced to go to that page first and then use share method options which are abundantly available through various addon's and extensions through browser's or on websites. Currently a share button is only available for mobile phones gives the mobile phone a competitive edge over PC and MAC users since a share button for G+ is only available for mobile users to my knowledge at this time and date (11/08/11, 7:17 A.M.), but I am sure it will soon be available for PC and Mac users a like. If Google can implement these kinds of changes it would make Google gain a competitive edge on the competition for sure.

Google has been beat up recently because of all the changes by some, but overall it seems most are happy with the changes Google has been creating. Google not only has created a more stable product  for users but they have created a magnitude of jobs for people as well. All of Google's changes have created enormous amounts of content, inspired programmers and developers to create plugins and even allowed graphic artist to become creative with some of the new logos and icons being introduced. Of course this list of professionals is fairly broad, but overall it has generated a lot of work for people since it all started. I myself am part of all of these changes and productivity just by simply wring a blog, thinking of better way's to improve Google and sharing my ideals and work.

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Web Analytic Keyword Data "Not Provided"

Advanced Segmenting
Okay, I have been following this topic closely and have come to several conclusions. I can understand it if Google only wanted to prevent you from causing a recording of a search if you were logged into the system as a Google user and they were trying to prevent you from recording your own search for your own website, but not for all of them in total. Of course the search is only registered as a visit if you click your own link.

Okay, recording the data from non logged in users still makes sense to me because then Google can measure all impressions from other sources such as software programs running analysis. Remember you do not have to be logged in to use the software to get your data back from the search engines and It would only make sense to me that Google would still be tracking the impressions for their own purposes but not releasing the data to its users. Of course this would be very touchy ground concerning privacy issue's since Google does not own the data, but at the same time may be trying to prevent false impressions from various sources.

So let's say Google is still recording those impressions of logged in Google users, what do you think they can do with that data? It might be a tad presumptive of Google to think all users logged in are using Google's search engine... I do not think Google would be that nieve. I suppose you might say that the percent of "not provided" would directly correlate to the amount of users using Google's search engine while logged In. It was mentioned on another blog I read today that it might be a strategy to boost PPC in efforts to increase revenue. Sorry, but I do not think Google has a revenue problem and their are other reasons behind this new implementation. It actually reminds me of a sandbox security layout or the same as AdWords when using the tool to show your ad but not recording the impression.


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Google SSL – Organic Keywords and Analytic Data

If you use Google +1, this is where it first sprouted and caught my attention. This is very disturbing to me because like any good optimizer, organic keywords are extremely important at performing proper SEO.

This particular function of not recording the data is the exact same way Google AdWords allows users to display there AdWords results without recording the data. If your not familiar with this, it is a tool inside of Google AdWords to test your results without recording data. I believe one of the reason’s Google is going in this direction is not only for security purposes in the grand scheme of thing’s but to combat issues surrounding the use of software programs running constant analysis.

This software when run is compounding the data and actually producing false results by causing software generated impressions to the search engines instead of it actually producing a real human impression. IE… CAPCHA entries when running these various types of software programs such as Seo Power Suite. Great applications by the way. This makes sense because the keyword tool provided by Google in AdWords is only producing keywords from Pay per Click (PPC) impressions and not organic impressions. This completely relates to what is being said about getting data based on AdWord campaigns.

I am curious to whether or not the data that has been recorded will still be accessible as it has always been up until this point into the future through analytic’s. I was really getting into the new design with Google analytic’s today and still noticed organic keywords showing in the reports. But did notice the “not provided” data as well. I think Google may have other plans and we all will just have to wait to see the final outcome.

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Content Management Tips

There are so many variables when considering optimization and tools to market a website that it can be tough to keep up with at times. This article helped refresh my memory on a few tactics that have not escaped my mind but are not utilized on all the website being optimized. I found the recommendation about content to be very significant during this read. I have seen as we all have seen thousands of websites full of content because someone is trying to place more content on the page because they completely believe content is king and it will bring the crawlers to the website.

Yes, new content is good and can bring the crawlers to your website as scheduled by the site map, but does not mean it will help if the crawlers do not scan it, hence the term (Fresh Relevant Content). This is what makes CMS search engine friendly, because it updates your site and ping's the engine with a request to come back to your website to be indexed again. Relevant content of course is the prime factor when creating content for the website. The use of 80 words as stated of unique content is interesting and I believe is enough as long as it is relevant and gets your readers attention.

If your placing two keywords inside of the 80 words of content, then what sort of prominence and how many times? From past experience  it seems the search engines indexing this content prefer a limited amount of content and the need to go beyond this amount of content would make what is being said about "80 words" of content being sufficient, very true.

The term "Content Is King" pigs in space :) Ha, Ha,  is valid but when is to much content to much… I have seen website's rank extremely well in the SERP's with little to almost no content on the page. This is an indication of how important Off-Page SEO factors are in the formula. The need for content usually seems to come from individuals wanting to establish internal link's to various pages on the site or outbound links as well or they have been mislead by something they read about optimization. This  type of linking has value and remains as another important factor with On-Page SEO.

The need to produce anchor text has caused individuals to create content on top of content to the point of having a page that extends for miles. This bring's us back to 80 words is enough content if relevant to what the site is about. This is exactly why I agree with the statement of 80 words being enough. Proof in the pudding - tried, tested, researched, proven and experimented with this suggestion and the amount of content needed. Have found it to be very accurate and true.

Having good structure is where the line's blend. Anchor text is On-Page SEO and so is structure. You can not have structure without content, Right, Right… So when someone say's content is KING, they would be correct. Keeping in mind that to much content is overkill. So the use of 80 words allows for content and structure. Also keeping in mind that we want to allow the visitors to navigate easily throughout the site but not over whelming them with content that they probably will not take the time to read. This is the reason for a good call to action along with headlines are significant and extremely important.

Source: Link Worx Seo

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Link Worx Seo - Internet Marketing Consultants | LinkedIn

Link Worx Seo -Internet Marketing Consultants | LinkedIn
We are an Indianapolis web based firm providing internet marketing solutions and search engine optimization services. Our main goal is to provide complete on page and off page optimization and marketing strategies. Our comprehensive website management can provide you with maximum exposure organically and locally.
Link Worx Seo has become a internationally recognized company. It has slowly become a normal destination for businesses in need of website promotion through multiple channels; as well as branding and identity enhancement.

Our company provides premium digital marketing services for businesses large or small. Our customized approach has been proven to generate top ranking's for all of our clients with higher returns on investments at international level's. This customized approach is a unique technique which brings a higher level of customer service experience because of our strong work ethics. Plus, our methodologies and strategies are designed to bring the best return on investment for each and every client with optimal search engine results even on stringent client budgets.

This is primarily due to our strong commitment of dedication and service excellence to our clients. Another main advantage to choosing our company is our diversified background and solid work ethic for perfection. Because we pay attention to every little detail that some of our competitors overlook.

With the customer in mind, the company always strives to bring our clients every source and option available for maximum results while producing a higher profit to loss margin on investment. As a business owner, you should be aware that the need to create a stronger and more prominent online presence could never be greater in today's market. Because more than likely the competition is doing the same research and analysis. By applying years of industry experience the company has steadily created growth for itself and its' clients and continues to make advancements with positive feedback from its 'clients.

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Search Engine Marketing (SEM), 
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Thursday, July 14, 2011

CMS - HubSpot

Okay, I took a look at the Sales Lion website and read through some of the content written. I also have seen HubSpot on my own several times in the last year or so. Nice CMS system. This is an easy way such as WP to create and maintain a website. Although it takes time to learn the CMS system and apply it. The same applies to WP. You have to have at least some minimal HTML knowledge, CSS and programming knowledge to get the results you want to achieve. As a Webmaster I install these Content Management Systems and help manage website that use these types of systems. It is still a time consuming task even for a intermediate tech savvy individual to maintain a website designed by one of these CMS‘s. Also keep in mind that one of the thing’s that makes WP so popular is the fact that  it is completely free and can be simple to install even if your a beginner for the most part. But most of these individuals eventually require an experienced Webmaster to design the site for them or they are left with the choices given to them by WP. This industry has made some significant gains in the last 3 years and still continues to remain popular because of the ease of use for most individuals and the fact that these kinds of websites are very search engine friendly.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Internet Browsers

The worst thing designing a website for someone is the frustration of trying to make every browser render the same. It has become a real challenge to accomplish this task due to the fact that the document object models (DOM)'s are different. Because of the fact that the W3C won't force these corporations to create a standard document object model, things have become very frustrating for a web developer.

I have spent more hours myself trying to make each browser display some of the simplest tags, as ironic as it may seem it's almost impossible to make these browser all display a webpage the same. For the most part, most of the browsers render things the same except for IE. IE seems to be the browser of choice for a lot of people, but has its flaws of course. For example if I designed a site with nothing but IE in mind I can make it look how ever I want it to look, but when displaying it in another browser it sure doesn't display the same.

The same of course go's for any other browser. If I design things to one browser but then check it for
compatibility in another browser it won't turn out the same. While being able to check webpages for browser compatibility issues, there always has to be some kind of variation from browser to browser, but most issues can be solved with a little extra effort.

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