Thursday, July 14, 2011

CMS - HubSpot

Okay, I took a look at the Sales Lion website and read through some of the content written. I also have seen HubSpot on my own several times in the last year or so. Nice CMS system. This is an easy way such as WP to create and maintain a website. Although it takes time to learn the CMS system and apply it. The same applies to WP. You have to have at least some minimal HTML knowledge, CSS and programming knowledge to get the results you want to achieve. As a Webmaster I install these Content Management Systems and help manage website that use these types of systems. It is still a time consuming task even for a intermediate tech savvy individual to maintain a website designed by one of these CMS‘s. Also keep in mind that one of the thing’s that makes WP so popular is the fact that  it is completely free and can be simple to install even if your a beginner for the most part. But most of these individuals eventually require an experienced Webmaster to design the site for them or they are left with the choices given to them by WP. This industry has made some significant gains in the last 3 years and still continues to remain popular because of the ease of use for most individuals and the fact that these kinds of websites are very search engine friendly.

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